Tile and stone services

From underlayment to accents, River City Underlayment is proud to serve
you with a variety of flooring and countertop solutions.


Our installation process is fast, consistent, and accurate, and our setup is mobile and scalable to facilitate any and all projects. We employ highly specified and trusted products, like Portland, calcium aluminate and synthetic based products to install over interior concrete, ceramic and quarry tile, epoxy coating systems, wood subfloors, metal and more.

Whether you have a 100-square foot residential pour, or need to meet the expansive demands of the largest commercial jobs, our proprietary pumping system equips us to meet and exceed your expectations.

Floor leveling

Underlayment is essentially a method of floor surface preparation. We take our self-leveling material and create an extremely hard, thin surface over your imperfect floor. Our process allows you, the Architect, Contractor, or Installer, to complete your finished floor covering project smoothly and effectively.

Heating Floors

In-floor heat can help curb energy costs by heating specific rooms or additions in both residential and commercial sites. These systems provide even, consistent heat and enable a more efficient use of your energy resources.

decorative edge treatments

It’s a small element, but it makes a huge difference. Choosing the right edge treatment adds a dynamic touch to your surface and helps enhance the overall design of any room. We have the options and expertise to help you select the perfect edge treatment for your project.

Custom projects

Whether you’re in the market for concrete countertops or putting together a more unique project, we look forward to offering our expertise and creativity to help you solve even the most complex undertakings.