Tile and stone services

From backerboard to grout, River City Tile & Stone’s professional installers are proud to serve
you with a variety of tile installation solutions.  We believe in customer service, attention to detail, and honest hard work. 

Self LEveling Underlayment Floors

We utilize River City Underlayment to help prep our floors making the installations faster, and more importantly better than standard backer board floors. Our installation process is fast, consistent, and accurate, and our setup is mobile and scalable to facilitate any and all projects. We employ highly specified and trusted products, like Portland, calcium aluminate and synthetic gypsum to install over interior concrete, ceramic and quarry tile, Gypsum, epoxy coating systems, wood subfloors, metal and more. We are the oldest and best trained installers in the market.  

Utilizing such a vast array of products allows us to tackle even the most complex substrate issues, providing you with a flat, smooth tile floor. 

The best procedures available

While some parts of tile installation stand the test of time, we are always open to innovative procedures and products from our trusted vendors.  We are constantly testing new shower construction methods, waterproofing products, crack isolators, mortars, and grouts.  Our testing is vigorous but necessary to ensure we are providing the highest quality product to our end users.  

Heated Floors

In-floor heat has become very popular for a variety of reasons, most notably its comfort! We use our sister companies self-leveling systems to help pour over electric and hydronic heating systems, after which we use the proper crack isolators, mortars and grouts.

The right tile for the right space!

While we are not designers, we are industry experts.  We take our services seriously and that means making sure that the right products are installed in the right place, with the right materials.  We are happy to help with selections and designs any time!

Custom projects

Whether you’re in the market for concrete countertops or putting together a more unique project, we look forward to offering our expertise and creativity to help you solve even the most complex undertakings.